06/02/2020 – Victory Cup (DLR3)

Here are the results of the Victory Cup 2019/2020. There were 74 entries in total. Congratulations go to: 1st place – MERSEYSIDE MARITIME MUSEUM by Martin Mitchell2nd place –  WILD POPPIES by Ignatius Mauceri3rd place – BARN OWL (Tyto alba) 2122 by Jim Pocknell Highly Commended – CHRISTMAS DECKS by Colin PillenHighly Commended – ROSIE […]

16/01/2020 – Digital Manipulation Competition Winners

1st Place – TIME FOR YOUR MEDICINE by Elisabeth Smith 2nd Place – THIN LIZZY by Steve Martin 3rd Place – TOP DOG MODEL by Nizar Birch Highly Commended – HEART OF FLOWERS by David Tovey Highly Commended – REFLECTION TIME by Elisabeth Smith

23/01/2020 – John Amey Cup (PLR2)

Here are the results of the John Amey Cup 2019/2020. There were 72 entries in total. Congratulations go to: 1st place – TEXTING THE FOURTIES by Ignatius Mauceri2nd place –  BALLET SLIPPER by Rita Howes3rd place – LICHEN FLOWERS IN VASE by Rita Howes Highly Commended – WILD GARLIC by Bert GilchristHighly Commended – DESCENDING […]

16/01/2020 – Digital Manipulation Competition

A great selection of digitally manipulated images were entered into this competition. It was great to see members trying out new approaches to their photography. There were 54 entries in total. Congratulations go to:1st Place – TIME FOR YOUR MEDICINE by Elisabeth Smith2nd Place – THIN LIZZY by Steve Martin3rd Place – TOP DOG MODEL […]

09/01/2020 – Abstract Photography Presentation

This week the Club was taken in to the world of abstract photography. This session was a precursor to the Club’s ‘Abstract’ digital theme competition which is being held later in the season. The presentation covered a timeline of photographic events/developments alongside art history, which illustrated when abstract photography came in and how it was […]

05/12/2019 – Invicta Cup (DLR2)

The results of the Invicta Cup 2019/2020, there were 78 entries in total and congratulations go to: 1st place – LONG TAILED TIT (Aegithalos caudatus) 5231 by Jim Pocknell2nd place –  PUPPY-BREATH by Nizar Birch3rd place – POWDER FLICK by Dave Belsham Highly Commended – HOPE by Elisabeth SmithHighly Commended – OSPREY (Pandion haliaetus) 6238 […]

19/12/2019 – Small Print Competition

Congratulations to the winners and runners up in the Small Print Competitions 2019/2020. In the black and white category:1st place – John Amey CPAGB2nd place –  Ignatius Mauceri3rd place – Mark James In the colour category:1st place – Steve Martin2nd place –  Maureen Ford3rd place – Dave Belsham