13/12/2018 – Theme Competition (Digital) “Macro”

The results for the Theme Competition (Digital) “Macro” are in.   Congratulations go to: 1st place – ZEBRA MOSAIC (Colobura dirce) by Trevor Ray 2nd place – BURGUNDYDROP  BONNET by Steve Martin 3rd place – ABSTRACT JUICER by John Walsh Highly Commended: MONARCH EMERGING (Danaus plexippus) by Trevor Ray Highly Commended: WASP by Tony Mitchell The Judge […]

06/12/2018 – Invicta Cup – Digital League Round 2

The results for the Invicta Cup 2018 (Digital League Round 2) are in. Congratulations go to: 1st place – HARVEST MOUSE (Micromys minutus) by Rosemary Woolmer 2nd place – HARVEST MOUSE (Micromys minutus) by Jim Pocknell 3rd place – BUTTERFLY by Ignatius Mauceri Highly Commended – SHORTEARED OWL, AT HARRTY FERRY by Maureen Ford Highly Commended – FEATHERS […]